The Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) being used on Hawaii are powerful enough to set the Pacific Ocean on fire.

They create the crisis and push the next agenda. Prayers go out to those who lost lives, were injured, and lost homes, businesses, and jobs. Our prayers are with them. May God rebuke the devil and his evil plan.

How does a dog char like that? There is no way… Were Direct Energy Weapons used? Every citizen report I see from people who live there is saying the news reports are lying about how bad it really was.…

Think Hawaii was simply wild fires? Watch this

These vehicles are melted. What materials around the cars would even burn

? Direct EnergyWeapons… S 3028 – Weather Modification Regulation Act…#DEWs#BeastSystem#NWO#Hawaii

Whistleblower Unveils The World’s Largest Directed Energy Weapon | The Antarctica Earthquake Weapon

The implications are unsettling as it is believed that this directed energy weapon is responsible for the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand. The sheer power and capabilities of this weapon leave one pondering what other advanced technologies might exist. Such revelations prompt us to question the extent of unknown possibilities that lie beyond our current understanding.


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